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about-usimage Shop name : Asa no Ha(meaning:hemp leaf)
Address : 1-5-24 1F Azabujuban, Minato-ku, Tokyo JAPAN
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Address : 1-5-24 1F Azabujuban, Minato-ku, Tokyo JAPAN
Fax : +81(3) 3405 7512
Representative director : Kazuko Suzaki
E-mail : [email protected]

Asa no Ha moved from Kabukiza

A new shop “Asa no Ha” of Artsou will open in Azabujuban on July 3rd. The shop’s concept is "chic and modern”. Tokyo Kabuki Theater did a three-year renovation to the theater which was 60-year-old in April this year. From the opening, the ART TENUGUI of Artsou that was sold in the stall in Kabukiza, and loved by a lot of kabuki fans and foreigners, will be sold in Azabujuban from July the 3rd.

Origin of shop name and logo of “Asa no Ha”

“Asa no Ha”means hemp leaf in Japanese. It is a Japanese tradition to use the hemp leaf pattern to design costumes for Kabuki. Because IWAI HAIJIRO and ARSHIKAN, the famous Kabuki actors in the Edo period had performed with these costumes, the hemp leaf pattern became very popular. Originally, this pattern was most popularly used to decorate the clothing of newborn babies. Hemp grows so quickly that parents used the design in the hope that the plant’s strength would be transmitted to the infant. It is a very old tradition to use the hemp leaf in the Buddhist statue during the Heian era, and in the Buddhist pictures of the Kamakura (era) and Muromachi eras. We adopted the simple hemp leaf design, and made it into the logo of the shop.

Shop concept: “chic and modern”

We can find the "Chic" in the basis of the Japanese culture, especially the Edo culture. The “modern” means a friendly, and warm refinement of the “chic”. In this new shop, we intend to offer many unique products in order to keep on growing our business. We believe that the traditional culture of Japan has various scenes that promote one to feel the beauty, the hope, and the power. For 25 years, we have been working with artists and artisans from different fields in order to improve our technique in the ART TENUGUI. In our new shop "Asano", we hope that our business culture is positively received in the country and also many countries outside Japan.

About original Art TENUGUI

There are about 300 kinds of original ART TENUGUI of Kabuki, including four seasons of Japan, the classics, the artist series, EDO-KOMON, the indigo dye and the mud dyes, as examples. The ART TENUGUI depends on the hand dye made from the skillful techniques of the traditional craftsmen. Thanks to such refined skills, our ART TENUGUI has vivid colors, elegance but also maintains the warmth of the cotton material. This Art continues to display the pride of Japanese culture.The original ART TENUGUI are displayed in the shop. In addition, the art frames that can enhance the ART TENUGUI tapestry are also offered for sale. Customers can enjoy the shop like an art gallery. There are eco-bags, cushions, shopcurtains, T-shirts, purses, and more to see and appreciate. Welcome to the ART TENUGUI world!

The Seasons of the shop

During each season, the ART TENUGUI will be changed in order to promote the four seasons of Japan. In addition, an event corner will be established, where the artists and their works will be proudly introduced to the customers.

Traditional methods which are past from one craftsman to the next

Tenugui is a unique Japanese dyed cloth and has a long history dating from the 8th century. Japanese people use Tenugui in daily life. Art Tenugui is made by expert craftsmen using traditional techiniques. We hope you will enjoy the bright colors and chic textures of our Tenugui as well as the stories of Japanese culture told by Tenugui.

Making the pattern

Dyeing Tenugui

How to use Tenugui