Asa no Ha is...

`Asa no Ha` is a Tenugui brand which has been created by ART SOU Co.,Ltd., who has been producing and selling original Tenugui for more than 30 years.

`Asa no Ha` is a traditional small pattern, seamless combination of hexagonal shapes and it means `hemp leaves` in Japanese.

Asa no Ha design was loved and worn by famous Kabuki (traditional theatrical show) actors and became very popular among the people in Edo era.

It is also a good luck sign because hemp leaves grow fast and are very robust. Thus Asa no Ha design has been used for baby`s first cloth, wishing a health growth.

We aim to convey good Edo culture and its traditional craft art, which is expert hand dyeing. Hence we chose this as our brand name and symbol.

We sell more than 300 designs of Tenugui, original designed and produced by us. We would like to be a source to spread Japanese culture and tradition to the world. Please enjoy beautiful and traditional art designs of Tenugui.

Asa no Ha Shop in Tokyo

Location:1-5-4 Azabujuban, Minato-ku, Tokyo Japan

e-mail:[email protected]


The shop is located in the town of Azabu Juban, which is near from Roppongi and one of the most convenient places in Tokyo, yet it has traditional shopping avenue of good old days and Asa no Ha shop is on the main street of Azabu Juban shopping avenue

If you have a chance to visit Tokyo, please visit us at Azabu Juban as well!