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Chic and Modern

"Chic" is the basis of the Japanese culture, especially that of the Edo era. `Modern` means a friendly, and warm refinement of the “chic”. At this shop, we intend to offer many unique products to deliver beautiful Japanese tradition to every customer.

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Original Art TENUGUI

There are about 300 kinds of original ART TENUGUI of Kabuki, four seasons of Japan, classics, small traditional pattern `EDO-KOMON`, the indigo dye and the mud dyes and so on.

More detail about TENUGUI

Promote the four seasons of Japan

The Seasons of the shop

At each season, we change decoration of ART TENUGUI inside the shop so that visitors can enjoy four seasons of Japan. In addition, at event corner seasonal events are held and artists` works are introduced to the customers.

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